ClearCam™ Inc., the company dedicated to maximizing surgical visualization and proficiency in the operating room, has today announced the closing of $4M in seed round funding. The round was led by the Family Office of respected Texas real estate developer Hal Jones and joined by the University of Texas at Austin Seed Fund and other investors. The funding will be used to expand commercial adoption, scale operations, and invest in dramatically improving visualization in robotic surgery.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in ClearCam’s team and their mission to make surgery safer and more efficient,” stated Hal Jones. “Activating the potential for growth in the medtech and engineering sectors in Austin is something we are excited to participate in; ClearCam™ is a team maximizing this potential.”

ClearCam’s revolutionary ClearScope™, a disposable in-vivo laparoscopic lens cleaner, eliminates the need for clinicians to continually remove and clean a scope during surgery. ClearScope™ enables surgeons to maintain their visual field and momentum throughout surgery, reduces a patient’s time in the OR, and maximizes surgical excellence while improving surgical safety. The device has been used in close to 2000 procedures across the country and is gaining traction in thoracic, general, and gynecologic surgeries.

“ClearScope™ offers surgeons and OR staff an improved, streamlined, and simplified solution to clean their laparoscopes in-vivo. It is a win-win and we look forward to launching the improved product in June,” said ClearCam™ CEO and Co-Founder John Uecker, MD, FACS.

ClearScope™ is available in several hospital systems in Texas and Michigan with a long list of systems awaiting access and trials across the country. This round’s funds will allow ClearCam™ to expand their sales and business development initiatives. “We are expanding from one to four salespeople which will have enormous impact on our ability to take better care of existing customers while bringing on new ones more quickly,” added Uecker.

Perhaps the most exciting element this new funding brings is the investment in a robotic in-vivo scope cleaner.

“While proving out scalability of our ClearScope™ line is a stellar achievement, we are particularly excited to drive forward our solution for robotic-assisted surgery,” offered Dr. Chris Idelson, CTO and Co-Founder of ClearCam™.

“Maintaining visual clarity is a much more arduous challenge in robotic surgery, where the robot must be un-docked from the patient to clean the scope, and we look forward to solving this challenge in the coming year.”

About ClearCam™ Inc.

ClearCam™ Inc. is dedicated to improving laparoscopic surgery patient outcomes by reducing surgical team frustration, shortening surgical procedures, and lowering costs. ClearCam™ is a proud affiliate/alum of Dell Medical School and Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas Venture Labs, Texas Health Catalyst, Austin Technology Incubator, and MedTech Innovator Accelerator.

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